Houston Personal Injury Attorney

img_0022_croppedComplex legal matters are not something you want to take on without help. Filing a personal injury claim or contesting a homeowner warranty denial requires aggressive representation from a dedicated and experienced attorney.

At Stephen C. Estes, P.C., we help clients overcome the odds when facing off against powerful entities, specifically insurance providers for personal injury claims as well as construction companies. Our founder provides personalized representation and crafts creative and effective strategies to get the results you so desperately need.

A Texas Personal Injury & Car Accident Claim Attorney at Your Side

That split second when a car crashes into your vehicle is a life-changing moment. You are injured because of the negligence of another party. Insurance adjusters may claim to be on your side in offering a quick settlement. Resist that urge. You are entitled to maximize your compensation, not accept pennies on the dollar.

Our founder has extensive experience mediating and litigating accidents involving cars and trucks. Mr. Estes has also represented hardworking professionals injured on the job or otherwise.

Secure the services of an attorney who will not shy away from courtroom litigation if that provides the best outcome on your behalf. Contact us at 713-688-5999.

Help From a Houston Residential and Commercial Construction Attorney

Few things are more frustrating than to have a residential or commercial construction project complete, only to discover serious defects in the foundation or other areas of the structure. Frustration builds as the builder denies any responsibility. You need to take immediate action by contacting Stephen C. Estes, the founder of our firm, to start a complicated and sometimes lengthy process.

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