Residential Construction Defects

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After months of planning and preparation, not to mention the construction of your home, you are ready to move in. Blueprints have become an actual structure. Your house is ready to occupy. For any homeowner, walking through the doors of a new home is a major milestone.

The excitement of that moment can turn to frustration and regret when you discover serious construction defects. Waiting to act or dealing with builders and developers on your own will only slow down the process. Protect your rights. Hold construction professionals accountable with the help of attorney Stephen C. Estes.

The clock is ticking after you discover a defect in your home. Be proactive and contact us at 713-688-5999 or toll free.

If You Are a Texas Homeowner, Take Action While You Still Can

Foundation problems are only the start of your home’s defects. Soil movement and improper foundation pouring cause cracks in walls and separation of joints. Doors in your home will not close. Floors are uneven. Developers and builders have likely moved onto the next project and your complaints will be met with delays or, at best, a “Band-Aid” approach to fixing the defects.

At Stephen C. Estes, P.C., we stop construction professionals from “running out the clock.” Their hope is that you go away out of frustration and allow the statute of limitations to expire. New homeowners typically have two years. Second or third homeowners who come across defects have a 10-year window from when the home’s construction was completed.

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