Denial of Homeowner Warranty Claims

Denied Homeowner Insurance Claim Lawyer

A Denied Homeowner Insurance Claim Attorney at Your Side 

Homeowners insurance and home warranties are meant to protect in the event of a problem or defect in your home’s foundation. Certain guarantees are spelled out in the policy. Yet, when it comes time to file a claim, those promises fall short.

At Stephen C. Estes, P.C., we represent clients in multistructural defect or valuation disputes following the denial of a valid foundation claim.

Negotiation and mediation often resolve issues related to denied homeowners insurance claims. However, Stephen C. Estes, the founder of our Houston-based law firm, will not shy away from courtroom litigation if that provides the best outcome. For immediate help, contact us at 713-688-5999.

A Texas Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

Insurance companies who deny a legitimate warranty claim hope you will just give up, assuming that the decision is final. You presume that you have to pay for multistructural defects (MSD) caused by shoddy materials and suffer foundation problems from bad aggregate or poor-mixing of cement. Do not give up. Contact an experienced and aggressive attorney to even the odds against you.

The Need for Experience in Arbitration and Courtroom Litigation

Your warranty may carry an arbitration provision. Our founder has experience in arbitration situations and can even identify contractual language that voids that provision. If negotiations fail, we move forward with a multitrack approach to litigation. That involves filing suit against the builder and bringing a claim against the company selling the warranty.

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