Construction Defects

Houston Construction Law Attorney

The Need for an Experienced Houston Construction Law Attorney

The construction of a home or commercial building requires high standards of quality and attention to every detail. When a builder, architect or engineer falls short, resulting in serious defects, you need help from an attorney to hold construction professionals accountable.

At Stephen C. Estes, P.C., we represent clients in the following types of construction law matters:

Residential Construction Defects

The completion of the construction of your house is a milestone in any homeowner’s life. But after moving in, you discover foundation problems causing cracks in the walls, separation of joints and doors that will not close. Dealing with the homebuilder directly may lead to delays that go past the statute of limitations. Take immediate action by contacting founder and Texas construction defect attorney Stephen C. Estes.

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Commercial Construction Defects

While the issues are similar to home construction, defects discovered in a commercial building magnify those issues. Cases are complex, requiring you to retain a seasoned attorney. Our founder has extensive experience and attends to every detail in reviewing thousands of documents to identify a breach of contract, failure to comply with codes or an insurance coverage matter.

Denial of Homeowner Warranty Claims

With the limitations of homeowner warranties, we take a multitrack approach to litigation regarding multistructural defects (MSD). Strategies include filing claims against both the builder and the individual who sold you the warranty. If you have discovered a structural failure, you need to take action before the statute of limitation expires.

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