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An Experienced and Knowledgeable Houston Offshore Accident Attorney 

The shores of Texas are populated by hardworking longshoremen, oil rig workers and other professionals who face hazards on a daily basis. Dangerous conditions often lead to serious injuries that sideline or end careers.

If you have suffered an injury on a ship or oil rig or while working in a shipyard, you need an attorney with experience with and knowledge of maritime and admiralty law. Stephen C. Estes, the founder of our firm, combines his extensive background with a diligent approach to finding creative solutions.

Complex personal injury claims involving ships and oil rigs require a seasoned advocate who will not shy away from courtroom litigation. Contact us at 713-688-5999 or toll free at 888-222-8445.


A Texas Jones Act Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights

At Stephen C. Estes, P.C., we represent workers and family members dealing with the tragic effects of offshore accidents. Injuries suffered while on the water or a facility next to the water are covered under the Jones Act. Not just any personal injury attorney can handle the complexities of settling or litigating these cases.

Our founder attends to every detail of your maritime injury claim. He employs creative strategies to find the best resolution. While you recover from your injuries or grieve the death of a hardworking, primary income provider, we fight to maximize compensation. If mediation fails, we will not hesitate to take your offshore injury claim to court.

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