Commercial Construction Defects

Houston Commercial Construction Defect Lawyer

The Need for an Experienced Houston Commercial Construction Defect Attorney 

Not just any Texas-area lawyer can handle the complexity of a commercial construction defect case. You need an aggressive construction law attorney with experience, legal knowledge and the ability to attend to every detail in the review of thousands of documents.

Stephen C. Estes, the founder of our law firm, brings more than two decades of experience in resolving disputes between commercial building owners and construction professionals.

Investment in the construction of a commercial building should not result in additional expenses resulting from defects. For immediate help, contact us at 713-688-5999.

A Texas Construction Litigation Lawyer Building Your Defect Claim

Foundational problems in a commercial building can have a domino effect. Cracks in the walls, flooring that is not level and doors that will not close can result from improper soil or a poorly poured foundation. Those defects cause delays in the opening of a business or the ability to lease office or retail space.

With so much at stake in a commercial construction dispute, you need to take action immediately. Statutes of limitations exist regarding the timing of commercial construction defect claims. Contacting Stephen C. Estes, P.C., starts the process immediately. From going through all documents related to the construction to aggressively pursuing a claim, we will fight to protect your investment through mediation or courtroom litigation.

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