Logging Truck Accidents

Houston Logging Truck Accident Lawyer

Narrow roads, heavy loads, and a tired driver can result in disaster on the road causing accidents and leading to serious injury. Logging trucks are unable to stop efficiently and the extending tree trunks make it difficult to see around. Unfortunately, deadly collisions are common with logging trucks and other vehicles can be hit by sticks and branches. 

Many logging truck accidents are caused by poorly maintained trucks, unqualified drivers for such large loads, poor lighting or poor routing choices. Visibility is always a risk when sharing the roads with logging trucks, but keep in mind that they must adhere to all federal and state regulations as well.

An Aggressive Houston Logging Truck Accident Lawyer On Your Side

There can be many pieces when involved in a logging truck accident. The trucking company and lumber company could both be held responsible. It will all depend on the case, but lumber companies usually try to avoid responsibility. A lawyer will know how to navigate through the complex case on your behalf. The lumber company and trucking company may provide financial damages if negligence is found.

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