Oversized Load Accidents

Houston Oversized Load Accidents Lawyer

There have probably been many times you have driven past an oversized or wide load vehicle. However, did you know that the drivers of these oversized vehicles are responsible to adhere to all federal and state trucking regulations? This means that they must help keep the road safe by following certain laws and driving cautiously.

Unfortunately, serious injury and death has been caused by oversized load accidents. Even though drivers might be following all of the laws, one mistakes by an oversized load could be extremely dangerous. An oversized load is a load that is either too long, too heavy, or too wide to fit within the normal parameters of the road and end up taking up more space than is normal. Of course, these oversized vehicles must follow special regulations such as obtaining certain permits, using flag cars and signs to ensure safety.

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Since the trucking company or driver is the one responsible for any negligence that may have caused an accident, you may have a claim on your hands. Failure to follow all regulations could lead to an accident and could land you a settlement in the event negligence is found. Always speak with an attorney who has experience with oversized load accidents to know what damages you could receive.

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